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Druatch, the language of the dragons.
As of yet I cannot remember the entire language but I know that words will come to me as I need them. I am keeping a log of language that I have learned to date. It is contained in here and will be uploaded in future installments. Unfortunately, due to the sporadic nature of my memories I cannot fully predict when these installments will be.
A lot of what I remember is derived from names, hence all the suffixes. A grammatical note, in Druatch, when two words are put together to make another, often sounds that are similar are melded and similar syllables are left out or dropped. Here is what I remember.

Kaetaa - Basic welcome and farewell, can mean both hello and goodbye.
Daashe, or Daasha - Please, thank you, and your-welcome, all rolled into one. Most often used to thank.
Sketh - Shit, or excrement. One of many draconic swears (For those of you who learn languages solely for the profanity...heh heh)
Skethn're - A derogatory term for anything without the ability to fly, meaning 'Shit-Worm' literally. Used often by Red Chasm dragons as a term for humans especially.
-Rathi - Suffix for 'King' or 'Leader'.
-Ani - Suffix for 'Princess' or 'Queen'
-Ahari - Suffix for 'Prince' or other male of high standing
-Anhi - Suffix for 'Lady' or noblewoman
-Ana, or -Ara - Suffix to denote knighthood or royal favour.
-Athi - Suffix for 'Guardian' or a portector
-Anzi - Suffix for a child or youth.
Mah - A storm. also a prefix used to denote weather. Words that come after or are adapted onto it will tell what sort of weather.
Ta - Cloud, used literally or in a metaphoric sense for softness and beauty. Derivative is 'Tae'.
Thane, or Thaen - A mountain or a bastion of strength.
Pae - A waterfall. Also 'Pa'.
Rae - Water.
Li - Fire
Lith - Smoke, also 'Lirth'.
Maha - Thunderstorm.
Sat, or Satha - Hurricane.
Thran or Thra - To make. (as a note usually verbs become suffixes to nouns. Hence Lirthran would be a smoke maker.)
Ayana - Female honorific, like Madam, or Miss, or Missus.
Y'ani - Male honorific, like Sir.
Na - litterally, 'oh', or 'ah'. An acknowledgement.
Koa - 'What?' A querie. na Koa - Litterally 'oh what'. Sort of like 'I see' or 'Now I get it'. Also an exclamation of suprise.
Kaaji, or Kajji - Yes, an affirmative.
Deiga - No. A negative.
Deigo, or Deigos - Bad, evil, wrong. Having a very bad taint to it.
Kaeaja - Very good, pure, right.
Sho - Wisdom
Sha - Knowledge
Mata - Stormcloud (conglomeration of Mah and Ta, with the 'h' sound dropped.)
Rata, or Raeta - Fog or water vapour.
Anen - Dream.
Enial or Aneal - Beauty.
Han, or Ihan - Dance, dancing, or to dance.
Oot, or Oote - Dragon word for dogs and canines in general. Ooata is a wolf.
Druak - one of the many names dragons have for themselves. Also, Drooge, Drak, Druatk, Drooka, Daekar, and countless other derivatives.
This ends what I remember for now, but I'll continue to write down what I remember as I remember it. An example of the grammer I mentioned before is shown well in the name of Ta'Anenial, which means 'Cloud Dream-Beauty'. The 'ta' is apostrophied, but the anenial springs from the words Anen, and Enial. Anenenial would sound goofy so the rendundant syllable was dropped.
The same in the name Mahari, which means 'Storm Prince'. Literally it would be Mahahari, which is also rendunant, so one of the 'ah' syllables is dropped. Shaanzi (or Child of Knowledge) is one of the rare instances where a letter is not dropped, being of the roots Sha, and -Anzi. This is possibly because it adds more emphasis on the youthfulness of the dragon who bears this name. The suffix -Anzi may be dropped as the dragon grows older.