Pagan 10 Commandments
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Pagan Commandments

1. There is more than one God and not honor one above another, and respect each individual's right to honor the God or Goddesses of their choice.

2. All things are created equal, and each thing is created in an image of the All.

3. Do no speak ill of the Gods, for each thing that happens happens for a purpose or reason that we may not yet be privy to.

4.  Keep your holy days sacred. Whichever of the holy days you chose to observe, follow them in your own way and preserve their memory for your children.

5. Honor our elders for they hold much knowledge. Follow the instructions of your parents and bring honor to their household. Insist that your children do the same.

6. Honor Nature and the spirit of the Earth; do not destroy any of the God or Goddesses creations without just cause.

7. Regard sexuality as sacred and do not defile it with abusive acts, or use it as an excuse to degrade others.

8. Do not set yourself up higher than anyone else, nor take tangible items from another, nor steal their thoughts and present them as your own.

9. Do not speak falsely of others; neither gossip nor lie.

10. Do not covet what others have; rather, treat your belongings with respect and care.


Published ( 2004 ) Earth Beleifs.