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I am the wolf, a loner at heart.
You are the human, and will rarely if ever see me.
I roam the wilderness forests and
mountains of this earth that we share.

I mate for survival, as you do
and I help my mate raise our pups in the warmth of our den,
nurturing and watching them grow and play,
as you do with your human young.

We run as a pack family,
and our members are as close as those in yours.
When a member is lost, we grieve, but go on,
just as you do.

When I am hungry, I must hunt for myself and my family,
for that is all I know.
There are no stores to cater to my every need.

Some of you have said that I am a killer,
a cold-blooded hunter of death,
but when I kill, it is to feed my family,
and I only take the old, sick, and weak,
who will die regardless.

I don't kill to hang heads for trophies on my walls,
as you do.
Now I am the hunted, by you.

You are afraid of me, because you don't understand me.
You think I am taking from your herds of plenty,
which you advertise to
big game hunters for their tourist dollars.

Yes, you are afraid of me, but I can't hurt you.
You are the one with the power to destroy my kind.

You set your traps to torture me,
and send your helicopters to kill me from the air.
I cannot fight you, for that is not my way
That is yours.

I only want my freedom
to run, live, and sing to the moon.

I will share this earth with you in peace
as long as you let me.

I am the Wolf

Author Unknown