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Colour: Red
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Stone: Diamond
Flower: Geranium
Description: Energetic, impatient, lacking in foresight, short tempered, sarcastic, witty, lucky, demanding, sharp minded, cutting, egocentric, adventuresome, feisty


Colour: Pink and blue
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Stone: Emerald
Flower: Violet
Description:Patient, loyal, emotionally stable, stubborn, practical, dependable, organized, materialistic, possessive, plodding, sweet, calm, determined, security oriented


Colour: Multi-colors
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Stone: Agate
Flower: Lily of the Valley
Description: Versatile, fickle, curious, high strung, a flirt, changeable, anxious, petty, superficial, communicative


Colour: Silver, pastels
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Stone: Pearl
Flower: Larkspur
Description: Caring, nurturing, moody, clinging, dependent, lazy, retentive memory, receptive, changeable, sensitive, pack rat, emotional, overprotective, messy, money oriented


Colour: Gold, scarlet
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Stone: Ruby
Flower: Marigold
Description: Positive, optimistic, warm, dogmatic, organizational, hardworking, persistent, dramatic, colorful, generous, flamboyant, arrogant, inspiring, performer


Colour: Gray, navy blue
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth
Stone: Sapphire
Flower: Pansy
Description: Neat, fussy, conservative, efficient, studious, retiring, worrier, practical, logical, dependable, analytical, workaholic


Colour: Light blues, pink, soft rose
Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Stone: Opal
Flower: Rose
Description: Refined, diplomatic, vacillating, vain, social, just, artistic, gentle, tactful, gracious, peace loving


Colour: Deep reds such as maroon
Planet: Pluto
Element: Water
Stone: Topaz Flower: Chrysanthemum
Description: Secretive, intelligent, psychic, manipulative, passionate, stubborn, well organized, deceitful, resourceful, vindictive, tenacious, methodical


Colour: Purple, deep blue
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Stone: Turquoise Flower: Narcissus
Description: Outspoken, freedom loving, independent, warm, outgoing, spiritually oriented, athletic, opportunist, inspiring


Colour: Dark shades
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Stone: Garnet
Flower: Carnation
Description: Rigid, practical, loner, managerial, persistent, opinionated, sarcastic sense of humor, prudent, efficient, miserly, cold, pessimistic, patient, ruthless, ambitious


Colour: Iridescent blues
Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Stone: Amethyst
Flower: Orchid
Description: Perceptive, temperamental, organized, erratic, cool, detached, ingenious, impersonal, goal oriented, insightful, outgoing, self-expressive, unconventional


Colour: Sea green
Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Stone: Aquamarine
Flower: Water lily
Description: Refined, shrewd, impractical, nagging, unstable, con-artist, impressionable, compassionate, escapist or drifter, paranoiac, dreamer, intuitive